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An International Inoculation Certificate against Yellow Fever is required when arriving from an endemic Yellow Fever area. It is highly recommended that you be innioculated against Yellow Fever as Uganda has a tropical climate and is considered a Yello Fever risk area.

Other Health Risks

Malaria Risk and Prophylaxis

Malaria risk is high and chloroquine resistance is a problem in Uganda. A prophylactic medication such as Mefloquine (Larium) or Doxycycline is recommended. Travellers should also carry malaria treatment such as Fansidar or Artenam (also available in the drug shops in Uganda). Again, please consult and discuss with your physician which treatment is most suitable for you.


Bilharzia is a snail born disease, found around inhabited lakeshores. Lake Victoria does host bilharzia. The options are either to avoid going in the lake, or get tested for bilharzia once every 6 months and take the treatment (Praziquantel).