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Rwanda is something of a tourist magnet. The government believes that added attractions (including a brand new game park) will spark this change. Currently, the Rwandan tourism industry is famed for its lush green hills and endangered gorilla sightings.

The Authorities in Rwanda have announced the future arrival of one Gishwati-Mukura, a Kigali national park. It is believed that the government has already invested in a $300 million hospitality facility called the Kigali Convention Centre, along with adventure opportunities on Lake Kivu. Gorrilas are a big deal in Rwanda! the Authorities estimated that the ground-dwelling apes account for 60 percent of total tourism attractions. If tracking rare mountain gorillas through bamboo forests is your thing, visit Rwanda. On encountering Rwandan gorrilas, There is no feeling that surpasses coming face to face with a great ape

Unfortunately, “genocide” also springs to most minds when Rwanda is mentioned. The Kigali Memorial Centre honours the estimated 250,000 people buried in Rwandan mass graves after the Interahamwe and army systematically butchered a million Tutsis and moderate Hutu in 1994.

While in Rwanda, you can visit; Parc National des Volcans home to the endangered Mountain Gorillas, Akagera National park well known for its good collection of various flora and fauna that include Elephants and Hippos and Nyungwe Forest that is famous for harboring colobus monkeys. Driving in Rwanda is on the right-hand side of the road as opposed to Uganda where it is on the left.

Rwanda is now a member of the East African Community (EAC) and with this we take pride in encouraging you to take on some of our new thrilling safaris that go through Uganda and Rwanda


Kwita Izina is a time-honored tradition in which Rwandan families hold a ceremony to name newborn babies. For three decades, prior to the first official gorilla naming ceremony, the Park Rangers and Researchers named Rwanda’s baby gorillas as a key part of the on-going program in monitoring each individual gorilla in their family and habitat.

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