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Uganda is renown for its abundant wildlife. With landscapes ranging from savannah to lush forests the animal count is high: over 300 mammal species and more than 1,000 types of birds. This trip is a true adventure into the heart of Africa. Kibale Forest is possibly the best place in the world to track chimpanzees whilst Queen Elizabeth National Park is home to hippos, elephants, buffalo, leopards and elusive tree-climbing lions as well as a huge variety of birds. Continuing on our journey we reach Bwindi where we have the option of tracking the gentle giants of the forests, Mountain gorillas
Day 1; Arrive at Entebbe Airport
Arrive at Entebbe International Airport and meet a Representative from Muleni Safaris Uganda. The Representative will transfer you to Hotel. Dinner and overnight at the Entebbe Airport View Hotel or Hotel Sojovalo Kampala 

Day 2: Ngamba Chimpanzee Sanctuary 
After breakfast we will Drive to Entebbe Pier and meet other people at the agreed point to take a boat to Ngamba Island, the Jane Goodall Chimpanzee Sanctuary. Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary.

Ngamba Island Was established in October 1998 with the help of UWEC ( Uganda Wildlife Education Center) and other concerned international organisations to care for orphaned confiscated chimpanzees in Uganda. Situated 23km out from Entebbe on Lake Victoria, this 100 acre beautifully forested island provides a safe haven for these confiscated chimpanzees. So far total number of chimpanzees being looked after is 33.
It offers a unique opportunity for close viewing of chimpanzees in their natural environment. Pre- arranged supplementary feeding times ( 11:00am & 3:00pm each day) bring the chimpanzees to within metres of the raised walkway specially designed for easy viewing and great photographic opportunities.
The goals of the sanctuary are to provide a safe home for these chimpanzees, to care for the environment on Ngamba Island, to provide a high quality educational for visitors and importantly to benefit local communities.

Day 3: The Rhinos at Ziwa & "Top of the Falls"  ( Murchison Falls National Park)

After an early breakfast depart for Murchison Falls National Park, along the way you
will come across lots of activities going on as children walk along the sides of the roads to and from school, men pushing their loaded bicycles, women meticulously preparing their piles of fruit and vegetables to set up their colourful markets. This then would be the beginning of making your colourful pictures! Along to the town of Masindi, here you'll be totally immersed in the villages, in which when the night sets in, nobody knows what happens ... But by day, you'll enjoy the colours and its wonderful landscapes.

Approaching the Rhinos at Ziwa, this will be 'already' time to focus on the first animal on the list for today the Rhinos. The guided short walk will lead you to the Rhinos, the experience and thrill of walking by the side of these animals in this impressive piece of wooded savanna, coming to take pictures from a few meters is an unforgettable experience. Later you will return to the main offices of this reserve and fill in your comments. Proceed to Masindi Hotel for your lunch, after which you will proceed to enter the Murchison Falls National Park and head on to the Top of Falls of River Nile after which you will transfer to check into your hotel Paraa Safari Lodge or Nile Safari Lodge or Bwana Tembo Camp Refresh and relax, meal plans dinner and overnight.

Day 4: Game Drive
After an early breakfast game drive begins at 7:00 am cross the Nile by ferry.
It is with in this park that the natural beauty of the Nile is perfected. You will come across herds of elephants, giraffes, antelopes, Uganda kobs, buffaloes, waterbucks, lions, and several bird species also the unusual saddle bill storks. Be back in time for your lunch. In the afternoon take a 3 hour launch cruise to the bottom of the falls you will come across pools of hippos, be meters away from the toothsome crocodile with his jaws wide open and lots of game coming down to the Nile for the afternoon refreshing. Later get back to Lodge, Dinner and overnight at Paraa Safari Lodge or Nile Safari Lodge or Bwana Tembo Camp.

Day 5: Second day in Murchison Falls.
Another morning game drive and in the afternoon take the cruise boat tothe delta where the Victoria Nile meets the albert Nile. Great SCENERY for bird lovers and game by the water. Return to the lodge refresh meal plans overnight at Paraa Safari Lodge or Nile Safari Lodge or Bwana Tembo Camp.

Day 6: The Western Rift Valley and the city 'of Hoima.

This morning we will begin the transfer that will take us two days' to reach the famous Kingdom of Bunyoro.

Just out of the park will begin the villages where at your own time will take pictures and stop wherever you want pass through beautiful places such as the Albertine Rift Valley in a panoramic point raised that dominates the forest below Bugungu and Lake Albert. On clear days you can extend your view to the Blue Mountains of neighboring Congo. We will then drive through green cultivated fields of cotton, tobacco, cassava, etc.. arrive in Hoima for lunch.
In the afternoon, it 's possible to visit the colorful markets in Hoima and get to meet the citizens who dwell in this very typical place. Set in for Dinner and overnight at Hotel Kon Tiki.

Day 7:
After Breakfast prepare to leave Hoima town and proceed to Kibale National Park. Arrive and check in at the Chimpanzee Forest Guest house or Primate Lodge or Mountains of the Moon Hotel. Refresh and relax meal plans dinner and overnight.

Kibale National Park Introduction :
This is in Western Uganda, 35 km from Fort Portal town, which is 360kms from Kampala via Mubende town. With lush tropical rainforest and fascinating diversity of animals, Kibale National Park is one of the most beautiful and stunning forests in Uganda. Kibale Forest is certainly worth protecting as it is home to the Largest number of our closest living relatives with a 98.4% same DNA composition like us.(The endangered Chimpanzees ). As well as the Red colobus monkeys, and the rare L’Hoesti monkey. The forest has one of the highest diversity and density of primates totaling to 13 species including the Black and white colobus monkey, Blue monkey and Grey cheeked mangabey, red tailed monkey bush babies and pottos. The park also hosts over 325 species of birds including the yellow spotted nicator, yellow rumped tinker bird, little greenbul, green breasted pitta, the African pitta, the crowned eagle and the black bee eater. There are a number of impressive mammals including; forest elephants, buffaloes, bush pigs, duikers, and bats. A keen observer may see some of the reptiles and amphibians as well as a variety of colorful butterflies. Further more 250 species of trees have been recorded. But the most famous inhabitants are the Chimpanzees with over than 1,450 individuals are protected with in the park. At Kanyancu , a community of chimpanzees has been habituated since 1991, allowing visitors the unique opportunity to view these great apes in the natural environment with more than 99% chance of viewing.

Day 8 Chimp Tracking :
After morning Breakfast, head to the park headquarters arrive at 8:00am. Get the introduction from the park warden join the group and begin your adventure to meet our closest relatives the “Chimpanzees” Tracking will start and last for 3-4 hrs along the trails you will come across other primates like Black and white Colubus, Grey cheecked Mangabeys, Bird life and Plant life is abundant here. Later return and proceed to have lunch at one of the homestays in Bigodi. An effort to promote eco tourism and include to raise community awareness for the appreciation and conserving nature. Later after your traditional lunch there are options of activities; You can decide to take a nature walk through the bigodi bird life is abundant and also home to the Great Blue Turacoo or you can decide to take a village walk through visiting primary schools and ending up with a visit to the interesting village native doctors. Later return and file your comments after which you will transfer back to your hotel. Refresh and relax, meal plans dinner and overnight at Chimpanzee Forest Guest house or Primate Lodge or Mountains of the Moon Hotel.

Day 9: Semliki Valley National Park:
After breakfast proceed to Semliki National Park : Introduction: Park is situated in the extreme west of Uganda, in Bundibugyo District. It lies along the Uganda Congo border with in the Western arm of the East African rift valley. In the Southeast are the Rwenzoris Mountains to the West is the Deomcartic Republic of Congo and to the North is Lake Albert. Semliki National Park with an area of 220 squared Kilometres, is an extension of the vast Ituri Forest in the Democratic Republic of Congo and was gazetted in 1993.

Semliki National Park is the only lowland tropical Forest in East Africa classified as moist and semi- deciduous. There are 336 tree species recorded of which24 are restricted to Semliki National Park. 63 species of mammals, 9 species of which are diurnal forest primates including. Chimpanzees, blue monkey, vervet monkeys, and olive baboons. While nocturnal primates include pottos and galagos. Other species of mammals found are forest Buffaloes, blue duiker, bee croft’s flying squirrel, pigmy squirell, little collared fruit bat, water chevrotains and target rats. Two hot springs are situated in the tract of hot mineral encrusted swamp land, where visitors see a two meter jet of hot water (130 degrees Centigrade) and a pool of ( 12 meters diameter ) oozing boiling water ( 106 degrees Centigrade). One can boil food especially eggs and Matooke ( Plantain) in the Natural boiling with in 10 minutes and eat.

Activity :
Do the board walk to the male hotspring and proceed to the female Hot spring where you will have your lunch prepared naturally from the boiling waters of the hotsprings. Later visit the pigmy tribe of people as you wind up to return to your accommodation in Fort portal overnight at Chimpanzee Forest Guest house or Primate Lodge or Mountains of the Moon Hotel.

Day 10:
Breakfast at leisure prepare to proceed to Queen Elizabeth National Park, viai Kasese towns and the magnificent Rwenzori Mountains of the moon in the back drop of the view along your transfer to Queen Elizabeth National Park. Game drive enroute arrive by lunch time and check in to the Mweya Safari Lodge or Hippo Hill or Simba Safari Camp. Refresh have your lunch orders taken relax. After lunch you can relax by the poolside as we wait for the sun to down so that you can make your evening game drive. At 4:30sh start your game drive which will bring you back by 7:00pm refresh meal plans dinner campfire and overnight.

Day 11:
After a warm wake up coffee at 6:15am at 6:30am start your early morning game drive to be in time to see the big cats in action. Game drive lasts for 3-4 hrs get back for breakfast relax and lunch. At 2:45pm Take the boat cruise on the Famous Kazinga Channel which connects Lake George to Lake Edward. The cruise on the water will last 2 hrs return by 5:00pm embark on the evening game drive which will bring you back to the hotel by 7:00pm. Refresh, meal plans dinner, campfire and overnight at Mweya Safari Lodge or Hippo Hill or Simba Safari Camp.

Day 12:
After breakfast departure to the southern sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park, Ishasha, famous for the last African breed of the tree climbing lions. Arrive at the lodge in time for lunch. Relax. At 15:30 go for a game drive in the park in search of these fascinating felines, forest elephants and several species of antelope are present. Return for dinner and overnight at the Ishasha Wilderness Camp or Savannah Resort.

Day 13: To Bwindi Gorillas National Park:
This morning, or you can make a second game drive in the beautiful "Ishasha sector" and then after lunch transfer to Bwindi.r (if satisfied with the game drives the previous day) settle down after breakfast and calmly drive to Bwindi. Arrive in time for lunch as you check in to the Engagi Lodge of Buhoma Community Bandas relax. After lunch you can take an interesting and informative guided walk in the village, the discovery of many typical situations (traditional doctors, local production of beer and distilled alcohol, visit the local school and the community of 'pygmies, etc...) Later return for your Dinner and overnight fter breakfast begin your drive driving through the Southern Sector of Queen Elizabeth “Ishasha sector” famous for the tree climbing lions. Spot a place to have lunch later proceed to arrive at Buhoma. check in at the Engagi lodge or Buhoma Community Bandas or La-Palme Hotel in Rwanda.

Please Note :
That the accommodation of this day depends on the Gorilla Family to be visited the next day which can only be confirmed as soon as we purchase the Gorilla Permits. Note: Incase that you have to track the gorillas in Rwanda, this will have no effect on our final price except that for you will have to pay for your Rwanda Visa of $ 60usd and a return visa to Uganda of $ 50usd. Totaling to $ 110usd.
Bwindi Impenetrable National Park:Introduction : It is the richest forest in Uganda in terms of number of plant species. Also home to half of the population of the critically endangered mountain Gorillas in the world.Gazetted in 1991 with an area of 331sq km, 514km away from the capital Kampala covering parts of Rukungiri, Kisoro and Kabale districts in south western Ugandan districts.

This is the richest forest in Uganda with a number of plant species, as the area is one of the few large expanses of forest in East Africa where lowland and montane communities emerge.The valley bottoms contain a dense ground cover of herbs, vines, shrubs, with only a few trees hence it's name " The Impenetrable Forest" This is one of the richest faunal communities in East Africa. There exists half of the world's population of the endangered mountain gorillas in Bwindi forest. There are also several endangered species of birds within limited ranges.

Gorilla tracking begun on 1st April 1993. It is advisable to make your booking for gorilla tracking +3 Months with us in advance. Atleast a few months before your intended date of visit. It commonly rains in this area. Come with a rain gear, a good pair of hiking boots, gloves and elastic bandage in case of sprains.

Day 14: Tracking the mountain gorillas:
After an early breakfast you will head to the park headquarters and get the briefing from the chief park warden get into your groups and later its on to your adventure to meet these thrilling gentle giants of Bwindi National Park. Tracking time varies according to the movements of these giants it could take from 30 mins to 5hrs so we highly recommend that you are in a good physical condition to track these gorillas. There are porters at the briefing point and if you need one to carry your equipment please do inform the warden and one will be readily available at a fee of $10 USD. After tracking you will get back to the camp and relieve those special moments with the group. Dinner and Overnight at the Camp.

Day 15:
After breakfast we will proceed to Lake Bunyonyi, arrive and check in to the Arcadia Cottages.
Introduction: Lake Bunyonyi As its serpentine shape might suggest, is essentially a flooded valley system, extending Northwards from the Rwanda border over a distance of 25kms through the contours of the steep hills that separate Kabale and Kisoro. It is thought to have formed about 8,000 yrs ago, as a result of a lava flow from one of the Virunga Mountains, which blocked off the Ndego River at the present –day Muko to create a natural dam. The lake has a total surface area of 60km sq, it lies at an altitude of of 1840m, known to be the deepest lake in Uganda and also the home of “otters & crayfish”. Also in its favor is the high altitude location which ensures a moderate climate and relatively low incidence of malaria and often becoming quite chilly at night. Bilharzia is reliably reported to be absent from the lake, as are crocodiles and hippos, which means that swimming is very safe. Active travelers are catered for, with canoes, kayaks and mountain bikes available for hire and enough potential excursions to keep one busy for days.
Activity: Visit the neighboring islands get the history of each Island, also visit the pigmy village or you can take a self guided hike to the top of the mountain or you can relax and Swim or take yourself canoeing.

Day 16: Lake Mutanda
This morning we will transfer to Kisoro, through the region called the Switzerland of Africa (you'll understand why'...). Check in time for lunch at the cute Nkuringo Lodge. Afternoon of relaxation. Later take the Captains boat on lake Mutanda which will bring you back by evening. Refresh and relax, meal plans dinner and over night at the charming Nkuringo Lodge.

Day 17:
After breakfast prepare to drive to Lake Mburo National Park. The only place where you will find the biggest antelope ( Eland ) and Impala’s.
Lake Mburo National Park:Introduction : Uganda's fourth National park was gazzeted in 1982.The park covers an area surface of 256km sq and it is the only park to contain an entire lake. It offers varied scenic beauty hills and valleys. Attractions :Include: Zebra, Impala, Topis, Wipsprings, Elands, Buffaloes, Hippos, Crocodiles, and a variety of bird species. Arrive and check in at the Mihingo Safari Lodge or Arcadia Cottages. In the evening take a boat cruise on Lake Mburo that will bring you back by evening, return to the Lodge refresh and relax Dinner and overnight.

Day 18: Lake Mburo National Park :
In the morning we do a game drive in search of leopards, hyenas as well as the many species of antelope and zebras especially the elands, found only here and in Kidepo .. In the afternoon, we will do a boat trip on Lake Mburo where you will still have a way to breathe the relaxing atmosphere of this isolated place. Then do an evening game drive to return to the lodge. Dinner and overnight at the Mihingo Safari Lodge or Arcadia Cottages

Day 19 : After breakfast return to Kampala via the Equator where you will stop by to do some African crafts souvenir shopping, keeping time for your Airport transfer

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