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About Bulago Island

Bulago Island is one of the several scenic islands on Lake Victoria, located east of Entebbe International Airport. Bulago Island has been equated to approximately 500 acres of paradise away from the hustle and bustle of city life. 6km of white sandy beaches with 10km of shoreline that is mainly made up of rocks and low cliffs engender a feeling of serenity and peace; making it a perfect vacation spot  for weekend getaways or even honeymooners.

Bulago, a ‘Luganda’ word to mean neck because of their neck-like formation, is the first island in Lake Victoria to be developed exclusively for leisure use. The Island has some of the excellent beaches owned by local and expatriate residents and professionals.

Bulago Island is all about enjoyment and relaxation. The island is comprised of beautiful soft white sand and several resorts but one that stands out is the Pineapple Bay resort, the most beautiful resort on this Island. Bulago offers brilliant lake side views, sunbath, is perfect for water sports, jogging around the island, horse-riding and hiking trails and also an excellent base for bird-watching as the island is home to approximately 200 bird species. This vast range of birds is simply dazzling – even to non-twitchers. Otters play along the shores, and the nature trails provide wonderful opportunities for observing nature at her best

5 Day -4 nights Stay on Pineapple Bay

Pineapple Bay.  Where you can lounge on a Lamu bed, looking out to the sparkling waters of Lake Victoria.  Where you can charter a fishing-boat and head off with rod and tackle to fish for the legendary Nile Perch.  Where you can arm yourself with binoculars and roam for kilometers over this unspoiled island paradise in search of hundreds of birds who make this their home.  And then come back and plunge into the dark blue pool or go with the chef to the organic gardens and choose your own pineapple, your own avocado, your own greens to have for lunch.

Pineapple Bay.  Where you can take your shoes off and keep them off until you get back to the mainland.  Where you can climb to a breezy hilltop and enjoy an ice-cold sundowner with a 360 degree view, or lie in your bed with your morning tea and in your view is nothing but Lake Victoria and all her glory.

Pineapple Bay. Where you can sidle on up to the boat bar and devise your own cocktail.  (but it should probably have pineapple in it, as we grow the sweetest juiciest ones around).

Pineapple Bay. The only full service lodge on Bulago Island. 

Come and let go. Come and unwind. Come and stay awhile.

Honey Moon Experience

Blending luxury with beauty, Pineapple Bay Resort offers honeymooners ritzy yet romantic vibe. An outdoor pool, spa services, tastefully furnished rooms with a touch of African style and fine dining are available at this retreat. The warm hospitality of the staff contributes to the luxury. Located on Bulago Island Lake Victoria, Pineapple Bay  is a very serene spot for new couples that want a quiet honeymoon in a serene environment

4 Night Itinerary

Day1 Transfer by a speed boat from Speke Resort Munyonyo in Kampala. The boat take approximately 45 minutes to Bulago Island. Alternatively the Boat transfer is also possible from The Waterfront Club Entebbe, opposite UWEC. The speed boat transfer takes approximately 25 minutes to Bulago Island on a normal or calm lake conditions. The speed boats are always equipped wth lifejackets for clients to wear before setting off from the dock

Incase of an early check in, lunch and Dinner is available at the resort and with fullboard reservation, its definate the couple will have a luxury package for their fuly Romantic experience.

Day 2

In the morning after breakfast, you will have a nature and birding walk on the Island. Later in the afternoon after a sumptuous lunch, you will have a boat cruise on the Lake. Dotted with at least a few encircled by steep terraced hills, BulagoIsland is a magical spot that has been renamed the “barefoot Island Beach”. Its high altitude and moderate temperatures as well as its beautiful scenery have qualified the island to be among the most popular destinations in Uganda. Although the hills surrounding are heavily cultivated, a combination of forest groves, gardens, open water and extensive marshes attract a wide diversity of bird life (over 200 species). Commonly sighted birds include Grey-crowned Cranes, a variety of Herons and Egrets, White tailed Blue Monard, African Harrier Hawk, Levillant Cuckoo, Cardinal Woodpecker, Rufous-breasted Wryneck. Weavers nesting on the Island include large golden, slender-billed, Baglafetch, Yellow-backed and Spectacled Weavers among others. It is also probably one of the best places in Africa to see the Spot-necked Otters readily fishing the Lake shore.

Day 3

After breakfast, set of by Boat to Ngamba Island Chimpanzee sanctuary for the Morning Feeding. Guests are required to arrive at the Chimpanzee Santuary, Ngamba Island atleast an hour before for briefing about the history of the sanctuary itself, the behaviour of the animals and their cycle. This briefing is done by the staff at the site who equipped with answers to guests questions about each Animal. Guests will also be advised on No go areas.

After briefing, Guests will be guided to the feeding spot, Feeding takes about 30minutes to an hour before return to the point of assembly or craftshop 

The guests will be expected to head back to the resort for Lunch 

Because the Resort is surrounded by Sandy Beach, The guests may choose between beach walk adventure or swimming in the laxurious pool or even go fishing in the afternoon as they windown their evening with the glitering water from the rays of the sun.

Day 4

Spend your day rexating as you prepare to return the next day by Boat to Either Entebbe or Speke Resort Munyonyo 

Day 5

End of your Honey moon experience, The boat will take you back to Kampala or Entebbe 

Kindly Note; there is an option of flying in case a guest is not confortable with boat transfer



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